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New York Divorce Mediation and Nesting

One of the hardest struggles for families going though a divorce, especially those with young children, can be the division of the family into two separate homes. For children, the process can increase feelings of upheaval, stress, and loss while parents may struggle with the financial burden of acquiring a second home, paying property taxes, and the cost of replacing household items that became property of the other spouse at the conclusion of the proceedings.

Some families, however, have developed their own unique way to slowly progress towards living in separate homes: “nesting” or “bird nesting” has become a smart option for families that want to reduce upheaval in the home and save money on expenses.

What is nesting and how can it benefit my family after a divorce?

Nesting is the term used to describe a situation where divorced or separated parents take turns living in the marital home and a second home. Although a nesting arrangement can be tailor-made to fit any situation, an example of just such an arrangement could be that Parent A would live in the marital home with the children and Parent B would live at a second location during the week, and the parents would switch homes on the weekends.

The biggest advantage to a nesting arrangement is that it eases the transition to a two-home living arrangement, especially in the instances of young children. They are able to stay in their own home, surrounded by familiar things, sights and people. As stated earlier, a temporary nesting agreement may reduce post-divorce costs related to the renting or purchasing of a second home, utilities and other household expenses.

While a nesting arrangement is not a substitute for a parenting plan, it may be a great option for families include the following:

  • Those with limited financial resources
  • Parents who want their children to continue their education at the same school system, especially if the divorce occurs in the middle of the academic year
  • Parents who are able to work together, coordinate their plans, and communicate effectively

Use divorce mediation to ensure your nesting agreement works for your family

While nesting agreements can be an ideal temporary solution for families, there are unique obstacles that can make them difficult if potential issues are not addressed early on.

A divorce mediator can help your family’s nesting arrangement go more smoothly by considering and addressing unique aspects of the situation such as:

  • The type, location, and budget for finding a second place to live
  • The duration of the nesting agreement and what happens after it ends
  • How expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries will be divided
  • Privacy issues and boundaries such as when one or both parents begin a new relationship

Create your nesting agreement with our experienced divorce mediators

At the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. we help families create nesting agreements that are effective, customized, and help families’ transition towards a permanent housing arrangement. We proudly represent New York residents of Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties. For more information on how the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. can help your family, please visit us online at or email our office through our online form.

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