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Equitable Distribution of Marital Property Attorneys

New York Law Firm Helping You Deal With Property Division, Business Ownership, and Valuation

Some of the top concerns that couples going through divorce have include disputes related to the division of property, liabilities, and assets. In fact, aside from issues involving children, property division is most likely the most commonly disputed aspect of divorce. As an experienced New City, New York divorce lawyer, Stacy Sabatini has helped clients in all types of circumstances to fight for fairness in equitable distribution of marital property since 1995.

Attorney Stacy Sabatini is a lifetime resident of New City, NY, and has helped clients through the divorce process , including the distribution of marital property since 1995. Contact us online or call 845-243-0295 today to set up a mediation or initial consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.

How is the Distribution of Marital Property Fairly Determined?

There are two legal theories that govern how marital property is divided: Community Property or Equitable distribution.

Equitable distribution is more common than community property laws and instead of requiring a 50/50 split of marital property; it takes into account the financial situation of each spouse. While equitable distribution is more flexible, it is also harder to forecast the outcome, since there are so many factors taken into consideration during settlement negotiations.

A Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Rights to Property

In preparing for your contested divorce case, we will take key steps in pursuit of your property distribution / division goals, including:

  • Pursuing inclusion of assets that are marital property but are being claimed as nonmarital by your spouse
  • Ensuring all marital assets subject to distribution in the divorce, including land, homes, and financial assets, such as retirement accounts, are valued fairly.
  • Establishing proof of sole ownership for property you believe belongs to you as a nonmarital asset

Our legal team is ready to assist you in property division involving:

  • Significant assets and investments: stocks, bonds, IRAs, retirement funds
  • Family businesses: business ownership valuation
  • Complex estates: significant assets, debts, inheritance, marital assets and liabilities
  • Real estate: vacation homes, mortgage payments, partitions, foreclosure sales
  • Tax consequences: business and personal taxes

Contact an Experienced Property Division Divorce Attorney Today

Attorney Stacy Sabatini is a lifetime resident of New City, NY, and helps clients seeking divorce and property division throughout the Rockland County, Orange County, and Westchester County areas. To set up a mediation or an initial consultation, contact us online or call 845-243-0295.

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