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Steps in a New York Child Custody Mediation

custody support modification new yorkIn New York, child custody mediation is not mandatory; however, many parents choose mediation over traditional court proceedings because of the affordability and efficiency mediation offers. Mediation is a great way for each parent to be able to address their concerns while working with an experienced mediator to reach a child custody agreement that is a long-term workable solution for the entire family.


Choose an experienced mediator

When choosing a mediator for your child custody mediation, there are several considerations that will help you select the right mediator for your family. First, the mediator should be experienced in family law and familiar with the local courts and judges. Second, the mediator should be experienced in mediating child custody issues specifically. Finally, the mediator you select should be able to guide you through the mediation process while answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

Attending mediation

During mediation, the mediator will help both parties reach an agreement about a child custody arrangement. Prior to the mediation, identify the issues you feel need to be addressed and, if possible, formulate compromises that will work for all parties. With those issues in mind, you will be better able to help the mediator facilitate an agreement.

When creating a child custody agreement, there are many facets to consider. Special consideration should be given to the following aspects of the agreement:

  • Who will have custody during the week?
  • Who will have custody on the weekends?
  • How will the usual custody arrangement differ on special occasions, such as holidays, school vacations, and family events?
  • What protocol will be used if a temporary change to the agreement is needed, i.e., in the event of illness of the parent or child, mandatory travel for work, or emergency?

Adhering to the agreement

Once a child custody agreement has been reached, it is important that you adhere to the terms it contains. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences, including loss of custody in extreme cases. For this reason, parents should make sure that they understand all the terms in the agreement and are able to fulfill the responsibilities that they have agreed to during the mediation.

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