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Divorce Mediation

divorce mediationDivorce mediation is a type of voluntary alternative dispute resolution that allows divorcing couples to forego traditional court proceedings in favor of a less contentious and more cost-effective compromise-based resolution of their marriage.

In a typical divorce mediation, the mediator will help you and your partner reach an agreement on several important issues, including but not limited to:


Benefits of divorce mediation

There are several important benefits of divorce mediation over a courtroom-based traditional divorce. Resolution through mediation can be reached within a few weeks instead of months or even years. Due in large part to the speed of mediation, couples will typically save thousands of dollars in attorney fees and associated costs. Many families prefer divorce mediation because it is less contentious and stressful than a court proceeding, which helps to preserve family relationships and lessen the emotional toll on the parties. Finally, mediation is an attractive option because, unlike divorce proceedings, the content of the discussions is not public record – privacy in family matters, especially those dealing with children, is desirable for many couples.

Choosing the right divorce mediator for your family

Selecting the right mediator for your family is an important part of the mediation process. The mediator should be knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and answer all of your questions in a simple and straightforward manner. Mediators should also have the ability to defuse arguments and guide discussions towards finding solutions and away from placing blame. Picking a mediator that both parties is comfortable with will make the mediation process go much more quickly and smoothly for all involved.

New York divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is an attractive alternative to traditional divorce proceedings for many New York families. The right divorce mediator can help your family come to a mutually agreeable conclusion through guidance and compromise-based dialogue, while saving you time and money. If you are interested in divorce mediation services for your family, please contact the divorce mediation team at the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. at for a consultation today. The Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. is located in New City, New York, and proudly serves families in Rockland County.

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