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5 Benefits of Family Law Mediation

5 Benefits of Family Law MediationTraditionally, family law cases are decided in the court system. However, some parties choose a type of alternative dispute resolution known as mediation to resolve their family law cases. Below are five benefits of choosing mediation for your New York family law case.

1) Cost-effective

Families that choose mediation over conventional court proceedings save money. Mediation typically costs thousands of dollars less because attorneys typically charge a lower rate for mediation services. Also, a resolution is reached through mediation much faster than a case would be decided in court so both parties save money on accumulated attorney fees, excessive court costs and other associated expenses.


2) Faster than traditional proceedings

The typical family law court case may take months or even years to be resolved through traditional court proceedings. During that time, families are often left in limbo while they wait for their opportunity to present their case in court. Instead of waiting years before a verdict is reached, a mediation can give the parties resolution in just a few short days.

3) Control

When a party files their case in the court system, there is a great deal of control that is given up to the legal system. With mediation, the parties have the freedom to exercise control over the outcome and the opportunity to customize a solution that works best for everyone involved.

4) Privacy

Many families prefer mediation because of the enhanced privacy it provides. Many court cases are public record and, in the instance of family law, some parties find the privacy of mediation preferable to having their private family matters open to the public.

5) Preserves family relationships

Family law cases are, by their nature, stressful. Once parties begin to engage in the contentious nature of legal proceedings, tensions can further escalate, potentially irrevocably damaging family relationships. Whereas litigating a case in the courts can feel like war, mediation is more informal and far less contentious. Further, because mediations focus on compromise, many families report a higher level of satisfaction with the mediation process than with the court system.

Contact the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. for your mediation consultation

Mediation can be an excellent option for parties who are seeking a quick and cost-effective solution to their family law case that provides control and privacy while preserving family relationships. If you are interested in mediation for your family law case and live in Rockland, county, please contact the mediation team at the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. at for a consultation today. Conveniently located in New City, New York, the Law Offices of Stacy Sabatini, Esq. offer New Yorkers compassionate and competent legal representation for their family law mediation needs.

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